Can You See Me Now?


This one made me laugh.

I think it’s going to be the inspiration for a page in the next altered book round robin I’m supposed to be working on.  I’m thinking about using quotes or phrases with the word “SEE” in them.  No idea how to lay it out or anything, but that’s the general idea.  Hopefully I’ll have some inspiration during the night, since I really need to get this done…oh…about 2 weeks ago….

My car needs an oil change, which is sort of funny since it’s been just barely a month since I got the previous oil change.  Unless you know that the poor car has been to:

Kansas City, St. Paul, Wisconsin, St. Louis, and various other small trips here and there….

All in the last 5 weeks.

No wonder I’m tired, my house is a disaster, and I feel like I’m getting nothing done….

Maybe something will get done tomorrow.

(I was telling a friend that I was sounding an awful lot like Scarlett lately…there’s always tomorrow….)

Til tomorrow then:




  1. vicky says:

    Funny…I ‘saw’ all the red in the background before I ‘saw’ the Boy With Binocs. [do you see what i see?…isn’t that a song lyric?]

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