Defending my (driving) honor

Really, I’m a good driver.  Honestly.  I did pass the written and driving exam on the first try when I had to do them as an adult.  I have just never been given a good reason for knowing how to back into a parking spot.  Would it be more important if I lived in a big city?

All this to say:  if we are ever out together, and you want a drink, go ahead — I’ll be happy to be the designated driver.

Last night it occurred to me that I originally got my license when I was 17, but have now had a license for 18 years. Weird.

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  1. serendipityquilting says:

    Oh!! I’m sorry!! I wouldn’t have intentionally hurt your feelings for anything!! I rarely have a drink either. In fact… add fact number 8… Adam Ant’s Goody Two Shoes is one of my favorite songs. I’m just feeling a little slap happy with no sleep. Now when do you share your big surprise….

  2. Suzanne's mother says:

    Did you all notice that Suzanne passed the written and driving exam the first time when she had to do them as an adult? Ask her about when she was 16 and got her first license.

  3. joyce says:

    Good thing you don’t live in Australia where they back in when angle parking. It’s probably safer when leaving but I have never dared to park there. Too much precision backing. So you are not the only one. And I’ve had my licence for over 45 years. When I got it, the guy asked my Dad if I could drive. He lied and said yes so I was handed my licence. Lol. As a result I have never ever taken a driving test, written or otherwise.

  4. Angela says:

    I’m with you on the backing up thing. I knew how to parallel park for my driving test — I now avoid it if at all possible. Like parking a block or two out of my way. In the pouring rain. Or snow. Or any other weather related disaster rather than parallel park!

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