Random Notes

As if all of my posts aren’t vaguely random?

1. The other frog. Joe tends to march to the beat of a slightly different drummer. His paint job is a little rough, but the artistic vision is there:


Note the tongue sticking out and the hat on the frogs head. I laughed right out loud when I saw it. Isn’t it awesome?

2. Joe’s Jawa still doesn’t have a name. Will slept with George. I tucked them into bed together. I forgot to take pictures of Will’s Jawa. I told the boys they could design creatures for me to try to make in fabric, Joe jumped right on that, and I actually spent part of today making his creature. I’ll try to post a picture tomorrow.

3. Today was our last soccer game. Ever. Phew. Now it’s baseball season (coach-pitch at this age, games are 2 nights a week for the month of June). They started practicing this week — the whole team seems to be doing pretty well. I had to go help last night (I was the line police, which is like herding cats. Or turtles). I was pretty impressed that nearly all of the boys could throw the ball from 3rd base to 1st base. Mark is the head coach. We were a little embarrassed that the 2 children that were the worst behaved last night were the coach’s kids. The boys hate ball hogs, but by golly, guess who was being a ball hog last night?

4. I started working on a quilt for the current quarter’s Quilt Studio service quilt challenge. I picked up some rolls of fat 8ths at Joann’s the other night. Don’t ask me why I bought 6 bundles of each color way. The body of the quilt that I’ve designed is only going to take 1 bundle each, and I bet the border and binding both won’t take more than 2 bundles of each. I didn’t want to run out…..I’ll try to post a picture of the blocks tomorrow.


5. My 26 Things Photograph for today:




There are 2 because I can’t decide which one I prefer.

6. The Panoramic photograph I posted last night is the view out our west windows. Every so often we like to take the camera out, stand on the back patio and snap a group of pictures of our view. It’s really cool to see how different it looks throughout the year.

7. Movies: We watched Children of Men last night — very strange and different, but I liked it. I’m not sure Mark did. It didn’t keep him awake. We watched Are We Done Yet? tonight. It was not the worst movie I’ve ever seen, but I’m glad we only paid $1 per ticket to go see it.

I think that’s all for tonight. I spent most of the day working on cleaning up my desk and on bookkeeping. Why do I let the piles get so high? I know that if I kept up with it all, it wouldn’t be so painful, but here I am yet again. Ugh. I did make progress, and the piles aren’t threatening to fall over anymore. As soon as this is done: back to the studio reorganization that I started and abandoned a few weeks ago…..




  1. Vicki W says:

    Love the frog and those bundles look yummy! Maybe you bought 6 because it made you feel really good! I watched Cold Mountain last night which reminded me why I do not watch movies when I have already read the book….Renee Zellweger saved that movie from total disaster. I heard from my nephew – he wants quilted trombones, so that settled the matter!

  2. Angela says:

    The frog is great! And success with the Jawas! Hurray!

    I know I tend to overbuy on any fabric — maybe you were making sure you could piece together part of the backing as well as the front?

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