Paying attention to my surroundings

Monday night we were driving home from the Lion’s Club Steak Fry.  We happened to pass our old house, which has gobs of peonies out front (and in back, too…).  I said to my husband “You know, we need some peonies at our new house.”

He gave me the long-suffering-my-wife-is-an-idiot look and said “We *have* peonies at our new house.”


Not only do we have peonies, but they are in a really out of the way spot that is hard to see.  Like, right at the end of the driveway next to the mailbox.


So, after noticing them (they weren’t there before, honest…LOL), I decided to take a few photographs of them.


And one of the few blossoms that is open:


I’m glad I know where they are now, I’ll be sure to keep an eye on them.

Yes, I am incredibly unobservant sometimes.  It’s almost embarassing.  I keep reminding the DH that this sort of thing is part of my charm.  He still doesn’t believe.

One last shot:  another 26 Things Scavenger hunt photograph:



This beautiful pine tree graces our front yard.  Before the current house was built (about 14-15 years ago), this property was a farmstead.  Somewhere on our 2 acres the remains of an old house and several outbuildings are buried.  I wonder how many years old this landmark of a tree really is — I’m sure it has weathered storms too numerous to count.  It’s getting some rain tonight — it’s raining quite hard at the moment.  Thank goodness!



p.s.  Yes, this post is still part of my attempt to avoid the quilt.  I couched the Madeira around the binding and you know what — it disappears into the ditch created by the binding.  So it was pretty much a waste of time.  Phooey.  Now on to Plan D.  Or maybe it’s closer to about Plan X by now….


  1. Angela says:

    Can’t help with the wholecloth — but I can say you’re not alone in the missing obvious stuff category. DH asked me this morning (while I was still sleeping) where an outfit for dd was. Since I was 1/2 asleep — I told him to look for a new pair of shorts and a t-shirt I had gotten her that were still in the bag in the kitchen. He found the shorts, but told me he couldn’t find the shirt. I told him in the bag. I finally drag myself downstairs to find dd wearing the long sleeve shirt I bought for the fall — no t-shirt to go with the shorts. I asked where the t-shirt was — “I can’t find it” “In the BAG!” “I looked in the bag” — I reached into the bag, grabbed the t-shirt, and threw it at him. Then I went in search of the caffine. Missing peonies seems much more reasonable to me for some reason.

  2. alobsiger says:

    I loved looking at your peonies–mine aren’t open yet here in Michigan. Soon! I also loooove your quilting! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Rick-rack is fun! 😉

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