Long, quiet weekend

Actually, it was a busy weekend, but my blog was very quiet. Would you believe that I never even turned on my computer yesterday? At all? I really needed to get some quilting done, and so I just left it off. It was a little weird, but it was good for me.

I did turn it on today to make sure I didn’t have any book orders, and because I needed to look at some of the pictures I had taken at our Memorial Day family picnic and baseball game.

Well, it was on Sunday, so it wasn’t *really* a Memorial Day picnic.

And we ate inside, so I guess it wasn’t really a picnic either.

We did play baseball, though. Our “rules” are pretty loose though — it was kids against adults. The kids earned points for every run they scored, the adults earned points for every out they made. (Only the kids bat…and there are only 4 of them, so sometimes a kid has to run out to a base to take over running bases for the next kid in the line-up).

I surprised all of us by actually catching a couple of balls and making a few outs at 1st base, so that was a good thing. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m afraid of the ball…

I can’t remember who won. The kids probably. But I think it was pretty close.

After we ate our picnic-that-was-eaten-inside, we headed back out to the baseball field. (I should mention that we have a 2 acre lot, and in the northwest corner, my DH put down some stones that we use as bases, and then he mows lanes and an area for the pitcher’s mound). It’s a nice flat space, and is pretty close to the size of the baseball diamond they use at this age.

This time, we weren’t really playing for points — the kids wanted to pitch to the adults, and then the kids wanted to hit some more balls. I took my camera out and got some pretty good shots. It was pretty entertaining. Joe made a big production of winding up and acting like a “real” pitcher. The 3 boys all did some pretty decent pitching. Then they started to get tired and silly and very few made it across the plate….

Here’s a shot of Joe pitching: he was very serious about it.


And here is Will waiting for the catcher to throw the ball back to him. You might notice that his right eye is a little red. He “caught” a ball with his eye earlier in the evening. He insisted (to me) that it didn’t hurt.


One last picture, of the other “boy” that lives here. He is pretty happy that the 2 little boys both like baseball…the “big” boy would be out playing catch all day long if he could, I think….


I spent most of Monday quilting, and instead of sitting here at the computer, I really ought to be in the studio finishing. I’ll try to post some pics of the quilt on the frame tomorrow!




  1. carlafibers says:

    Love the pictures of your dear boys!! I am proud of you for having a techno free day!

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