Home again, home again….

I returned late last night from my trip to Texas. To be honest, it was actually early this morning — about 1 AM when I finally made it home and crawled into my bed. We had a wonderful visit, the trip was great. We hit a small snag on the way home though, as there was a storm over Dallas, which shut the airport down for a time — resulting in our return flights being delayed almost 2 hours.

When we finally got to Dallas 2 hours late (after being in a holding pattern for an hour or more, and touching down in Wichita Falls for refueling…), it was almost comical to watch people as gate changes occurred. I think our flight changed gates about 3 different times. Anybody know what movie that made us think of?

I have absolutely zero pictures to share. I chose not to take my camera, because my Mom was going to take hers (it’s much smaller than my monster). Unfortunately, she accidentally left it in her car back here in Iowa. Oops! There were PLENTY of cameras, though, and I hope to get some pictures from my sister, and if there is something especially interesting I’ll share it.

I have to tell you that the funniest part of the entire weekend was during the ceremony at the church. Remember, the couple had already gotten married last weekend — this was a blessing of their marriage. Nobody stood up with them, and the bride was not given away by her family — the bride and groom (oops, husband and wife…) walked alone down the aisles on either side of the church and then met up at the front of the church. What was funny was the music they chose for their processional:

The Imperial March by John Williams

Yes, you read that right, (and heard it correctly if you visited the link for a sample…)

Darth Vader’s theme music from Star Wars.

It actually sounded very cool on the pipe organ. But several of us nearly died laughing.

I never really heard why they chose it, other than wanting to do something funny and different and get a laugh out of everyone. Tara, the bride, was Princess Leia for Halloween for several years when she was little, and I guess her new husband must be a fan too.

Another movie note of interest related to the weekend, the bride’s parents live in Canyon, Texas, which is 12 miles west of the Palo Duro Canyon. In finding a link for the blog, I have just learned that it is actually the 2nd largest canyon in the United States. The movie related interest is that the opening of the 3rd Indiana Jones movie was filmed at Palo Duro Canyon. I did not get to go visit the canyon, but hope to go back some day and take my family with me.

I’ve got to go move some laundry around and finish unpacking. I have done very little of value yet today, but have hopes of getting something creative done at some point. We’ll see how that goes. I may just go take a nap instead.



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  1. Angela says:

    Oh, how wonderful! I would have been cracking up at the imperial march. I had the theme from Star Wars as my recessional at my wedding (had it vetoed as my entrance theme by my mother) but it was played on the bagpipes! Way too cool.

  2. Deb (aka sister) says:

    They picked The Imperial March to out do Joakim’s brother’s wedding. Apparently the song at his brother’s wedding was pretty funny and they were trying to out do them. If only I could remember which song it was. If I do I will post it!

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