Here, Kitty, Kitty….

I did one or 2 useful things today, nothing actually quilt related, though.


The main thing I did today was make this Kitty.

Isn’t she adorable?

The free pattern for the kitty can be found at Wee Wonderfuls

Mark thinks she looks a little bit like a skunk with the stripes on her back and her tail sticking straight up….

One of the boys wanted to know why I would make a cat, but won’t get a real cat for our house. Hmm. Gee, I wonder. LOL.

Both of the boys wanted to know why I had made a cat, but haven’t yet made the stuffed Jawas that I promised them several months ago. (Jawas are creatures from Star Wars…)

It’s a good question. I think I’ve committed myself to actually trying to make those for them sooner rather than later. My problem with that project is that I don’t have a pattern, and I am not entirely sure how I’m going to pull off keeping that particular promise….

I was browsing through blogs last night, and found the Pointy Kitty pattern through a link at my half of the brain. I can’t honestly tell you why the kitty called my name, but she did. And she’s done. She’s not perfect — I really need to practice this sort of sewing more often. I usually only sew straight, 1/4 inch seams and don’t have to figure out how to turn long thin tails inside out without destroying the entire thing. My stuffing skills also need work.

She’s awfully cute, though, and every single one of my boys (the 2 little ones, and the big one, too) couldn’t help but smile when they looked at her. She still needs a name. Joe said he’d try to think of one overnight.

Maybe I’ll come up with one overnight myself. I think I’ll go crawl in bed and start dreaming of names for my kitty. And thinking of other fabric combos and embellishments I could use to make more kitties….oh wait — I should be dreaming of how to make Jawas, first, I guess!




  1. lajoconde says:

    Oh my gosh! thanks for visiting my blog and mentioning me in yours! You’ve made an adorable kitty, and got much farther along than I did, since the head is still detached from the body and he has no facial features. You must be proud of yourself!


  2. Suzanne's mama says:

    I love your kitty! I can’t wait to find out if Joe thought of a name for her (her, right?)

  3. Angela says:

    When you figure out how to make the jawas — SHARE, SHARE! I know people who would LOVE a Jawa. Maybe a Jawa pincushion — hmmmnn…

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