Blue jeans and hydrangeas

Several months ago, I opened up the seams on a pair of jeans that had developed a hole in the knee.  The idea being that I would embellish the jeans in some way, and then sew them back up.   Opening the seams is as far as I got at the time….

Next weekend, my mom and I will be going to a wedding in Texas.  We were talking about what we are planning to wear — there is a party Friday night, the Blessing of the Wedding on Saturday, and a brunch on Sunday.  OK.  I’d better stop and explain first:  the wedding itself is actually tomorrow.  In Sweden.  (The groom is Swedish and the happy couple lives in Sweden).  The bride’s parents live in Texas, and *next* weekend is a great big party for the American friends that couldn’t make it to Sweden.  But it’s easier to say that we are going to a wedding, than it is to say that we are going to a Blessing of a Wedding — obviously it took me a long time to explain just what the heck I meant.

So, back to the story, and why this has anything to do with my jeans.  The Friday night event is Western themed party, and we decided that blue jeans were probably acceptable.  But I started thinking….wouldn’t it be cool to wear something I had made….and wouldn’t it be fun to actually finish embellishing the jeans I had torn apart?  The problem has always been that I simply didn’t know what to do with them.   So, I started brainstorming today.  Yes, the event is next Friday.  At least I’m starting today, and not next Thursday….

No matter what I do, the ultimate goal is to cover the rather large rip in the left knee.  This requires a fairly large patch of something, and I just haven’t been able to figure out what.  I don’t want it too look dorky….

For some reason I picked up a piece of Michael Miller fabric with big hydrangeas on it — which reminded me that I have a jacket made out of the hydrangea fabric.  OK, the reason I picked it up was because it was sitting on top of one of the gazillions of piles strewn around my studio at the moment.  But, it must have been sitting there for just this purpose.

Here’s the jacket: (You can click the picture to view it larger)


It’s longer in back than in front and is kind of swingy.  It’s an Indygo Junction pattern, and is actually reversible.  And *I* made it!  Amazing! And oh, I guess it needs to be ironed….

After contemplating the fabric and the jacket, I thought about turning the jeans into a companion for the jacket.

I decided to cut out some of the hydrangea bunches, and am planning to fuse them on.  The sleeves of the jackets get folded up to show the red lining fabric as a cuff, so I’m also thinking about adding cuffs to the bottom of the jeans:


Once the flowers are fused on, I’ll use monofilament thread to stitch around the edges.  I’m also thinking about adding some beading as an accent to the flowers, both on the jeans and on the jacket.

Any opinions on beads on the jeans?  Obviously I don’t want beads on the backside, because I don’t want to sit on them…..but if I use Nymo thread to apply them, they ought to be OK, don’t you think?  I’ll probably even try to remember to make a knot before and after each bead for extra security, maybe fuse something over the stitching on the inside once it is all done, just to help secure it.  Plus, these will be special occasion jeans, not meant to be worn every day.

Are the cuffs going to look OK?  Part of why I’m adding them is that the bottoms of the jeans are fraying slightly, so I thought it would be nice to help neaten those up a little bit.

That’s what I’ve been up to this afternoon.

I bent the truth a little yesterday — the day wasn’t completely wasted, as I did do some beading on my May 12x12x12 quilt.   I’m couching the beads on, and I need more practice apparently.   Additionally, it points out to me that the beads I was using were not as uniform as I thought.


We are headed to a movie tonight (Meet the Robinsons),

I hope you have a fun Friday night!




  1. Angela says:

    I’m liking the jeans — although could be a “weathered” look to leave off the cuffs. The beads could be cool, but I’m not sure they would stay put. I know the few pieces of beaded clothing I’ve owned have always “shed”. What about something like the hot fix swoarvski crystals? A tasteful few placed among the flowers?

  2. joyce says:

    The jeans look neat. Just don’t steal the show from the bride! Or are they still in Sweeden? I like the red cuffs.

  3. Diane F says:

    Suzanne, I like the jeans also, however I am not too sure about the cuffs. I think they would draw the eye down to your feet, without the cuffs no one may even notice the shabby chic fraying going on at the bottom of your jeans.
    I also have to say that I like Angela’s crystal idea.

  4. Gina says:

    Hey Suzzane, Love the set! I like your idea, and I think I would try beading at the cuff, inbetween denim and red…(in the seam) to dangle a bit into the red. The colors in the hydrangeas. At any rate, You’re gonna be a knock out at the Wedding Blessing! !
    Post a pic!

  5. laura k says:

    Cute jacket! Those jeans are going to be great! Makes me want to get out my old jeans and have some fun with them too. If you don’t like the frayed look, what about a soft lavender cuff? (but then the cuffs wouldn’t match the jacket) I think the beads could work, the ones I sew on by hand are always much more secure than the occasional beading article of clothing I buy. The only thing to watch out for is whether a needle thin enough for beads could make it safely through the denim. Hot fix crystals might be the thing.

  6. Nicole says:

    The jeans are going to be absolutely darling when you finish them! I would add some subtle beading and leave off the cuffs, if it were me. I think the cuffs detract from the applique. Besides, that frayed look is very “in”! Have fun!

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