R is for Rainbow

I’m coming up against the due date for mailing on the ABC RR book that is currently in my possession.  I did Tiptoe through the Tulips a few days ago, but just haven’t found the right inspiration for my second spread in the current book.

Until this morning!

I started with a rectangle of Sulky Totally Stable.  I started cutting squares of fabric and laying them down in columns.  One side of the stabilizer is iron-on, so as I added a column of color, I would lightly press it to get it to stick.

After I got all of the columns laid out, I got out some thread.


I did a little free-motion squiggle on each column in a matching color.  After I was done stitching, I cut the rectangle up into 1-inch wide sections.  I thought I was going to be able to get away with just the Totally Stable, but when I tried to Zig-Zag the edges, it proved to be too fragile.  So, I fused on some fusible Timtex.

Here’s what it looked like after I  had cut the columns apart, fused it to the Timtex, and zig-zagged down both sides of the columns.  dsc01942.jpg

The next step was to cut each column in to a 1-inch square, and then zig-zag the other 2 edges.

Here’s all 42 of my inchies:


I have admired the inchies I’ve seen on various people’s websites.  The thing is that the pictures on websites are very deceiving as to the actual size of these puppies.  Inchies are extremely small.

All of this work of sewing things together and then cuttnig them back apart was so that I could end up with the following page spread for the ABC RR book:

The edges are curled a little, the glue is still wet.  After it finishes drying, I’ll be mailing this book on, and hopefully seeing another one showing up soon!


After I fused the inchies on to the blue sky background, I stitched across with matching thread, just to catch them.  I had to add the black edging because I had managed  to cut the blue sky backgrounds too short.  Duh.  There is also a ribbon dangling down the center with letter charms on it that spell out “RAINBOW.”

I’m very pleased with how this turned out, and I’m actually contemplating how I can use some of the ideas I had for this page spread for a different project for myself.  For now, though, I’d better go clean up my mess and find something else to do.




  1. carlafibers says:

    Love, love LOVE your inchies! They are on my to-do list when I get back. Hope you feel better soon!

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