I pulled on my overalls today and it got me thinking about overalls. I’m not really sure why I like my overalls so much. They are something of a pain when it is time for a trip to the bathroom….

But man, they are comfortable. And they do have lots of fun pockets. I wore mine on the trip home from NH, and was able to stick my iPod in the bib pocket, which was really quite convenient.

I started wearing overalls about the time that my boys stopped wearing them. Is there anything cuter than a little boy in overalls?

I know something cuter: the backside of a little boy wearing overalls:

Nope. I lied. Here’s what is the cutest: TWO little boys in overalls mugging for the camera:

For those of you wondering why the boys STOPPED wearing overalls when they were as cute as the dickens in them — I have two words: Potty. Training.

Part of why I’m bringing up overalls today is travel tip #376.

Overalls might be comfortable, and they might be convenient with all those pockets and things, but: flying in overalls is not advised. Unless, of course, you enjoy getting sent into the glass fishbowl and having the nice TSA person scan you and pat you down because your overalls are covered with metal buckles that don’t make it through the security scanner.

You’ve been warned. I’ll probably forget and have them on the next time I fly.

I have some quilt related posting to do today, too, but that has to wait until I go take a different picture. The one I took earlier is very blurry.



(The overall pictures are from December 2000, we were taking pictures for Christmas cards. I had so much fun dressing them when they were little. We usually tried for “same, but different” if we could. They look so much alike that we try to make it easy on people by at least going with different colored clothing. You can’t tell from the pictures but the boots they were wearing matched the outfits — Pooh and Tigger….)

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  1. bibprofessor says:

    I completey agree. I am almost wearing my overalls everywhere, except when I am going by flight for the same reason or when I am meeting with sponsors for my projects. Neither have I worn overalls on Berkeley campus, yet (in contrast to my own campus in Norway) !being told by my professor colleagues, but perhaps one day I will do, I dont know why overalls are so fantastic, but sure they are

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