Completely forgot picture of boys

I meant to include this in my other post, but forgot:


I didn’t realize when I was taking the picture that there were crumbs on the table.  Ugh.

They built this Bionicle and want to submit it to the Lego magazine.

The boys are a little out of focus, but I wanted to particularly point out the sleeves on Will’s PJs.  Look at how much of his arm you can see.  The pants are just as bad.  They do have jammies that fit properly, but they keep pulling out the old comfortable ones.

I’m wearing my penguin jammies and need to crawl in my bed.  Toodles!



  1. Lori says:

    Just call them 3/4 sleeves! Sadly, not only do my son’s pajamas have the same problem, so does his school uniform! Your boys are very cute, and their bionicle quite impressive!

  2. Dianne says:

    That bionicle is way cool!!! (My 8 y/o said that!) Jarmies never match in our house – always a different top and bottom, and ALWAYS with vegemite wiped on the sleeves!!

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