Chock full of pictures

I’m getting ready to head to MQX in Manchester, NH.  I leave tomorrow morning.  I am not packed yet.  So why I am sitting here posting to my blog?  LOL.  Who knows…

It’s been a very busy week.I haven’t posted anything because it seemed pointless to (a) complain about my toner problems or (b) whine about how tired I was.

Over the weekend I decided to actually do some sewing and thought I’d share some pictures.

First up is one of two bindings that I finished.  (The other quilt that I finished binding is in New Hampshire).  Starting last Tuesday night, we watched the 12 hours of The Lord of the Rings trilogy — one disc at a time for 6 nights.  I got lots of binding done.

I started piecing this Faceted Jewel quilt in 2003?  The label on the quilt was embroidered in 2004, but I only got it partly quilted at that time.  I finished it some time in 2006, and just finished the binding a few days ago.


It is a perfect example of why you shouldn’t let something go so long partially quilted.  My style made a radical shift in the time in which it sat in my closet, and I wish I had done something different to it.  It was actually hard for me to finish these feathers, as I don’t really quilt like this anymore.

I’m not even sure what I’m going to do with it.  The colors don’t really suit my decorating style.  It’s too big to be a QOV.  But there is sooooooo much piecing and so much work in it, I don’t want to  give it away to just anyone.


Next up is a QOV that I quilted.  Just a quick detail shot of the stars and loops that I did, as I don’t want to bore anyone….

Last quilt related photo is of some piecing I have been doing  off  and on over the last few days.  It’ll be a Starstruck like my big green and red one from the front cover of the first book.  (Pattern by Bonnie Hunter)Dsc01781

It is scrappy reds and neutrals, the dark is actually a navy blue, all the same fabric for the whole quilt.  It’ll be lap sized.  It would make a good QOV, I guess, but I have something else in mind for it.

I’m taking my notebook computer with me, but don’t know how much posting I’ll be doing while I’m gone.  Have a great week!



  1. May Britt says:

    Your Faceted Jewel quilt is so beautiful. But I understand that style and taste changes during time. Perhaps you will love it again. Beautiful work on it.

  2. Dianne says:

    I love your jewel quilt – the colours are gorgeous!! I love Lord of the Rings – that was a marathon effort, but probably a good way to watch them. Have a great trip!

  3. Debra Spincic says:

    All of your work is beautiful! Old and new. I do understand how style can change over time, which is one of the reasons I don’t let myself have UFOs when I can help it.

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