Bead overload

So this crazy red wholecloth I’m working on has suggested to me that it might want some beads.

(Yes, my quilts talk to me.  Don’t yours talk to you?  Sometimes I’m not sure if I should listen to my quilts or not.  Listening to them sometimes gets me into trouble.  More often than not, though, the quilt is right about what it wants.)

Where was I?  Ah yes:  beads.

I already have a bunch of red beads (thanks to some stash enhancing before Christmas), but I decided I needed a better variety before deciding what to put on the quilt.

I had to get groceries today (we were out of some really important stuff like Lucky Charms), so while in Waterloo I visited Hobby Lobby.  I found a bunch of red beads that I needed wanted, and also some cool clear plastic stacky thingies to put my beads in. (The plastic thingies all screw together and have one lid per size).

Now, as you look at this picture you have to remember that I already had about 2/3rds of these beads:


To me, this is a lot of red beads for one person to own.  I suspect that some of you are agreeing, but others of you are probably thinking "Sheesh, she’s an amateur."  I think it’s probably time for me to start buying beads of other colors, though.

I messed around a little with what beads might work.  The problem with beads is that I find that I really need to actually sew the beads on to see if they actually look good or not.  Laying them on top just isn’t quite enough for me to visualize.  I’ve got an idea, but I need to do some experimenting to see if it’ll work or not.  I just hope that I have enough of the beads that I think I’ve chosen (which are ones that I purchased today, so it was worth the trip).

Now, I need to start planning projects to use all of those other red beads that I am the proud owner of….

Back to pebbles — see you tomorrow!



  1. Vicki W says:

    What a cool photograph – makes me want to buy more beads! LOL! I agree with Jo, you always need more beads! The quilt I designed in Janet Fogg’s class calls for beads bit I’m pretty sure I have all that I need – it’s a miniature quilt after all. It’s so nice to see that you can get back to your won creative ventures with the book done……until the next book!

  2. joyce says:

    The beads look like a lot of fun. If only someone would find a way to sew them on by machine. Or am I missing something?

  3. Caitlin O'Connor says:

    Of course my quilts talk to me – how else would I find out what they want?

    And I don’t think you can ever have too many variations in colour and size for beads – they don’t take up much room, and they’re definitely a case where more is better!

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