Working out the Kinks

The ones in my back and neck, I mean.  Someone has spent w-a-a-a-a-y too much time hunched over a computer, and the headache I had yesterday was proof. 

My new plan:  set the timer in the kitchen for 15 minutes.  I figure if I set the one in the kitchen, I’ll be forced to stand up and walk into the kitchen to silence it. A timer sitting here next to me, or something on the computer — those would be far too easy to silence and then ignore.

(I did go see the chiropractor and after having him pound me back into shape and the judicious use of ice packs, I should be feeling much better, as long as I can remember to sit straight, keep my shoulders back and not sit here hunched over for such long stretches…)  He also reminded me to try to stay hydrated.   Where is that water bottle, anyway?

Speaking of Water:

I think the temp today is in the 50s — lots of melting happening.  So much so, that this is the view from my back yard today:

This is Wolf Creek out of its banks.  Ordinarily, we are unable to actually see any water…we just know it is over there somewhere. 

I’m glad it is warming up.  I’m not particularly fond of the mud that the melting creates, but I’m not going to complain too much. 

Speaking of mud:  or rather, the doggies that track mud in the house, guess who got a haircut yesterday:

Katie does not like haircuts very much.  Toby, our older dog, pretty much goes to sleep while Mark shaves him, but Katie requires both of us to hang on the entire time while she struggles. She’s really strong for such a little thing.  (The blue thing around her neck is the collar that works with our invisible fence system. We love our invisible fence. Before her haircut, you could barely see the collar for all of the hair…)

Some day soon, I’ll have more quilt content.   Right now, though, it’s about time to stand up and stretch…..

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  1. Vicki W says:

    Dear Mom, I wasn’t happy with the shave in the first place but did you HAVE to post this photo! The least you could do is make me a robe to wear. Give me some privacy please if you don’t mind! Grrr! Katie

  2. paula says:

    I’ve been seeing a ‘Certified Soft Tissue Therapist’ (that’s what her card says). The massages have been concentrated on upper body because, like you, I hunch. I am currently trying to remember to pull in the tummy and pretend that the girls on my chest are the only 2 in the world. If you’ve got it flaunt it! It helps on the posture.

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