Proofreading is such a fun job.

My book has been proofread by a number of very helpful souls, and the latest is my long-suffering husband.

I told him that he probably wouldn’t find much since so many people had already looked at it.

He had this funny look on his face and said "Oh, well maybe I’m finding too much then."

I accused him of trying to edit it to sound like one of his reports at work.

But — it turns out that he has found some funny stuff that hadn’t been caught be any of us yet.  One error in particular was similar to the following:

I want some apples and
and some oranges


In quilt related news:  I did actually quilt something the other day.  And this morning I finished the binding on Peppermint Ice Cream.  It is pinned to my design wall drying out right at the moment.  I never used to block quilts, but definitely learned the value last year.  At least for wall quilts or quilts headed for a show.  This quilt needs to be on its way tomorrow (it has to be in New Hampshire by the 3rd), so I hope it dries really really fast.   (I have I mentioned that I occasionally procrastinate?).

I also thought about my March journal quilt but didn’t get much further than thinking.

Mostly the last few days have been caught up in website things (why does computer stuff always take 10 times longer than I expect it to do?) and book/class things.  Only 13 more days until MQX!