Much happier camper today

Well, I thought the notebook was all better last night (it worked for several hours after I did a reinstall of WIndows XP).  But then it shut down again.

So today, after visiting a customer, I went to Best Buy and bought myself a new computer.  Oooo boy is it sweet.

I’m still going to get my notebook fixed, I still plan on using it for e-mail and other fun stuff, but the new computer will be more dedicated to the business.  Maybe….it will do a lot of fun tricks.

I justified this by the fact that after this book is finished, my next project is a DVD, and I’ll "need" the capabilities that this will one will provide.

This one does have Vista on it, and I was a little worried about the version of CorelDraw I’m using, but so far, so good — it seems to be doing what it is supposed to.  It also has a 19 inch widescreen monitor, so WOW.  I could see my drawings really good before — but now!  LOL

The new computer is a Hewlett Packard Media Center PC with 2GB of RAM, 500GB hard drive.  Wireless keyboard and mouse.  Did I mention the 19 inch monitor? 

Yes, I’m a geek.  But that’s part of why you all like me, right? LOL

Back to drawing and editing!

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  1. Vicki W says:

    Woah! You are a geek! I just bought a new PC too – it’s light weight. That’s the only real technical spec that I cared about! LOL! It also as Vista – it’s different but I think it’s going to be OK.

  2. debbi says:


    I too am a geek, I build my own computers and last year all three died within a month of each other. I built the three 8 years ago and they needed upgrading. I am looking for a laptop but not sure about Vista working with all my older printers and software.

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