Fabulous News

For one thing:  the sun is shining and it is supposed to be a gorgeous day today (high of 52!!!).  My husband went and got his Mustang out of storage, but so that he’s ready to drive it this week when the temps hit the promised 60s (I hope we aren’t disappointed!)

I’ll have to peek out and enjoy the beautiful weather between sessions at the quilting machine and the computer.

I’m also excited today because my nephew Colin (who is what, 16 months?) has decided that he can finally walk on his own!  He’s still trying to figure it out, and it sounds like crawling is still more expedient at home, but I saw video of him walking unaided.  Too cute.  He also got his first haircut (finally…VBG) and looks very darling with his new ‘do.

But my biggest news today is that I’m going to be teaching a 4th class at Machine Quilters Exposition in New Hampshire in April!  They have added a second session of my Over the Top Feathers class on Saturday from 2-4!  It’s a drawing class, teaching machine quilters about the style of feather I love to quilt.  (The first session had already filled and been closed).  I’m also teaching 2 classes based on the Meandering Magic concept — those classes aren’t full, but are getting close!

I had a wonderful time in New Hampshire last year, and I’m getting excited to go back! 

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