Can you say obsessed?

I never did make it to the quilting machine on Wednesday or Thursday.  I barely made it there last night, but did manage to get some quilting in after we went to see Charlotte’s Web. (Which we greatly enjoyed.  I’m the only in my family that cried, though.)

I keep finding myself sucked into drawing and editing.  More than a few times over the last days, I’ve intended to just check my e-mail, but then I start thinking, and start editing, and next thing I know, it’s been an hour, my rear end and back are sore, and my legs are losing feeling from sitting funny.  Definitely time to get up and stretch at that point. 

The obsession is paying off — I’ve gotten a lot done!  The front cover is done, I think:

My first attempt used a picture of the quilt laying flat and it just didn’t work at all.  (Lying flat?  Why can’t I remember that rule?)  I had a brainstorm yesterday — I draped it on the back of the couch, turned a light on behind it, and voila!  I’m quite happy with it!  I’ll post about the quilt in the picture in a future post.  Some friends designed the pattern for me to use on the front cover, and they’ll be publishing it soon.

I have to get back to the quilting machine.  I’m not even going to open CorelDraw right now….the quilt on the machine must get done this weekend.  I’ve got Smallville in the DVD player to keep me "company" while I quilt today (I mostly listen to it, but occasionally look up for glimpses of Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum)

OK, enough messing around, back to work….


  1. Tina says:

    I think the cover looks terrific! Nice color, graphics and beautiful quilt positioning. I’m in line for a book, right?

  2. Kim says:

    Obsessed does pay off! It looks great! I can’t wait to see it.

    Now… looking up for glimpses of Tom Welling – not a bad thing!! My heart goes “a flutter” when I see him. I will have to admit – my DH has been gone far too long and it doesn’t take much for me to drool over Tom Welling. I am waiting for a new Smallville to come out on TV.

  3. Beth says:

    Yeah, I totally trip over Tom Welling! In fact, we don’t get the new CW on Dish Network here, so we subscribe to the flagship station in NYC just to get it.
    I totally enjoyed seeing John Schneider, too. I wish they hadn’t of killed him off.
    Beau Duke is hard to beat.
    I love your cover!

  4. Dave S. says:

    Obsessed means you like to get it “perfect” right? Wink, wink…let me know if you need a proofreader…

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