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I haven’t done a lot of reading in the past week or two, but I keep meaning to mention a couple of books that I have read lately that I have enjoyed.

The Miraclous Journey of Edward Tulane
by Kate DiCamillo.  This is a children’s book, but I think some of the
best stuff is written for kids.  We discovered DiCamillo several years
ago when her book The Tale  of Desperaux was awarded the Newbury Medal.

Edward Tulane is a rabbit made of china, who is loved by a little
girl.  He goes on a remarkable journey and learns many lessons (some
painful) about love.  I don’t cry easily, but this book left me
reaching for the tissue box several times. 

Bridge to Terabithia
by Katherine Paterson.  I have never read this book before.  I wanted
to read it before we see the movie, and am very glad I did.  It is an
excellent book, but I had no idea it was a sad book.  Haunting, in
fact.  I was so involved in the lives of the kids,  the tragedy really
knocked me for a loop.  The movie previews I’ve seen make it seem like
a Disney extravaganza.  I hope there aren’t too many surprised kids and
parents watching the movie.  I’m debating about whether or not to let
my boys see the movie.  If anyone has seen it, and can comment on it’s
appropriateness for 2nd graders (who are very bright and not
particularly squeamish…) please do so.

Sorcery and Cecilia
(and it’s 2 sequels) by Patricia C. Wrede and Caroline Stevermer —
this book started as a letter-writing game between the authors.  They
wrote to each other pretending to be the characters in the story — 2
young ladies in England in 1817 — but in this world, magic is real.
Funny, surprising, slow-paced (but not in a boring way…).  I enjoyed
the 1st and 3rd books the best, but all were enjoyable.

Ironically, all of the books that I’ve mentioned today are classified
as children or young adult….I do read "adult" books, just none
recently that warrant mentioning!

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  1. Tina says:

    Morning, Suzanne. I read Edward Tulane also. It’s a beautiful book. My son is in 4th grade, upper reading level and they just finished Bridge to Terebithia. He loved the book and said it’s one he could read over and over. His teacher read it out loud in class occasionally and cried while doing so. I have heard the movie is incredibly sad but good. I will let you know if we see it this weekend.

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