Bad words, bad words, BAD WORDS

I’ve mentioned before that I’m having trouble with my HP Notebook computer.  During the first year I had it, I adored it. Huge screen, tons of memory, worked great.  Starting in December, though, I started having problems and they have gotten progressively worse.  It randomly shuts down without warning.  It’s over a year old, and I did not purchase an extended warranty.  I’ve been e-mailing with HP tech support, but it is taking them nearly a WEEK to respond to e-mails due to increased message volume (I’m assuming they are swamped with calls about problems with Vista??).    I tried to do online chat with them today, but after waiting 10 minutes for an online technician gave up.  I’m actually growing more and more concerned that I’m experiencing hardware failure, and am worried that it is only a matter of time before this stupid thing shuts down for good.

Bad words, bad words, BAD WORDS.

I’ve lost count of how many times it is shut down today.  10?  15? At one point the POWER went off.  I very nearly threw the computer out the window at that point.  (Yes it’s a notebook, but the battery isn’t working…).

I can’t even contemplate how much time I’m losing as I sit and watch my computer reboot.

Bad words, bad words, BAD WORDS.

I’m actually considering running up to Sam’s Club tonight and buying a new computer.  I do have other computers in the house, but none are fast enough (with enough RAM), or have a big enough monitor for me to comfortably work on them for long periods of time.

And unfortunately, even though you’ve had to listen to me rant, this hasn’t actually made me  feel any better, and I bet you are wishing you hadn’t bothered coming to visit my blog today.

Bad words, bad words, BAD WORDS.


  1. joyce says:

    I hear you. I got up this morning to find that all my bookmarks had disappeared. Firefox was acting as if I were a new user. I fear for this old computer. Maybe I need a new one, preferably a laptop, too.

  2. Lisa Thiessen says:

    The WORST, most FRUSTRATING thing is having tools that don’t work. And things always seem to mess up most when we’re up against inflexible deadlines. For what it’s worth, I have a Dell laptop that has been a dream, considering how much graphics work I do on it (also in CorelDraw and CorelPaint). If you do decide to buy another one I hope it works like without any hitches for you.
    In the meantime I’ll try to send you some good computer fairies…

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