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Turquoise "T" on Two-color fabric with Twin circles

I Trapped Tangled Threads with Tulle and did some Threadplay on Top.  (Actually I did bobbin work, as the Thread I wanted to use is Turquoise Kreinik metallic blending filament, which I didn’t think would work coming through the needle).

The fabric was layered with Two layers of Totally Stable stabilizer (a Sulky product).

Some of the "T"s were on purpose, some I only realized after I got going like the Twin circles or the fact that the name of the stabilizer started with a "T"…)

The color is much prettier in person.  I still need to attach these to the appropriate places in Marilyn’s book, and will get it in the mail next week.


  1. Marilyn says:

    You couldn’t possibly sleep with a family to care for and all of these projects! your work is beautiful and I’m so thrilled to have it in my book! Thank you.

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