ABC RR Pages for Marilyn



This post is a copy of what I posted on the ABC Round Robin blog that we are using to keep track of what our group is doing.  (Which can be found here if you are interested.  I should put a link in my list of links, I guess.)

I’m still contemplating what I’m doing for my second letter in
Marilyn’s book, but I wanted to show off the front and back of what I
did for the letter "P" for her book. In all honesty, I’m not sure yet
which is the front and which is the back….

I’m particularly fond of wordplay and being clever, although I hope it isn’t too silly.

Make note of plaid, pink, poetry, polka-dots, pocket….the pink background is painted paper…

are 3 printed poems in the pocket (which is made of two layers of polka-dot
fabric and a layer of Peltex interfacing). I might add more poems, just
haven’t picked any others yet. I was trying to see if there is a shade
of green that has a "P" name, haven’t found one yet…LOL.

Are the blue letters and brads Powder blue?  I don’t think they are Periwinkle, but they might be Persian blue.

Oh wait — what about Persian Green or Pine Green?

I told you I was silly…..VBG