WIP Wednesday

It seems like Wednesday is always sneaking up on me. 

I don’t have much to report.  Well, I should say that I don’t have much that I can report on right now.  Everything that I’ve been working on, or might work on later is stuff that I can’t really share yet.  I did get the cover quilt for my new book quilted, it looks just as cool as I as hoping it would. 

I had to get groceries yesterday, and spend some time cleaning my studio.  I thought I was going to have a class here today, but with the impending winter weather (yes, we are expecting more rain/ice/snow…), we decided to cancel.  I just found out that school is getting out an hour early, so it’s almost time to go get the munchkins. 

60 of the 99 (I think it’s 99…it might just be 90…) counties in Iowa have been declared disaster areas.  It was pretty amazing to see the downed lines and poles on my trip to get groceries yesterday.  Pole after pole — just snapped right off.  Tons of crews out working on them — I heard today that someone saw trucks with crews from Virginia that were here to help out.  Some of the rural areas are looking at it being 2 weeks before power is restored.

I have had a rash of book orders this week (thank you!) and that’s kept me fairly occupied as well.  Sorry there are no pictures today.  I’ll try to go make something this afternoon,  so that I have something colorful to share later.  Something that isn’t Top Secret! LOL!

I hope you are staying warm and safe wherever you are.  (Or cool and safe if that is appropriate for you…)

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