V is for Valentine

I decided that it is MY project, and if I want to change my mind, I surely can.  So, I have abandoned my tree idea for the time being, and just picked another letter of the alphabet for my February Journal quilt.

I made a postcard a couple of days ago that was black with pink and green charms on it.  I decided to expand that into a larger piece and this is what I came up with:


I quilted the background fabric on my longarm.  The four charms were made individually and then I attached them with invisible nylon thread.  It had originally intended that the "O"s would both be buttons, and the "X"s would be beads, but I realized that i would be more interesting to try to come up with different ways to represent the hugs and kisses.  The bottom "O" is actually a tiny mirror that I glued in place and then surrounded with beads.  What I really should have done was used beads to create a "cage" for the mirror, but I wasn’t up to that today.


Both photos are clickable, so you can view them in a larger size.  The charms on this piece are about 1 3/4 inches square.


  1. Tina says:

    Good morning, Suzanne. You are very clever! I think it would be hard to work with things so small. I noticed a couple of quilts in your pictures. Love the shasta daisy and sunflower. They look very bright and cheerful. It makes me want to go make something quick!

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