This too shall pass.

Some day I’m going to wish for the days when the boys are eating a meal with me, driving me crazy, right?

Chew with your mouth closed.

CHEW with your mouth CLOSED.

Chew with your MOUTH closed.


If I said it once last night I said it a dozen times.  I’ve been saying it at supper every night for the past month.  At one point, Will started chewing with his mouth WIDE OPEN right after I had said it yet again.  This time I just glared at him.   He gave me this wide-eyed look that said "What?  What did I do?"

There have been many stages in their short lives during which I was concerned that the current behavior was going to last forever.  We thought that Joe would be sleeping in our bed until he left for college.  Then one morning we got up and realized that he hadn’t come to join us in bed for more than a month.

I’m hoping that some day soon we’ll get though an entire meal without me reminding Will to CHEW WITH YOUR MOUTH CLOSED.   It might be awhile, though.


  1. meghan says:

    Oh, this is the FIRST thing I used to “test” out my dates on….If the guy would chew with his mouth open, one meal together would be one more than I could stand!
    I actually find it quite difficult to figure out HOW the food doesn’t all fall out?! Nothing is worse than a wide-chewer who TALKS with food in their mouth, too!
    Someday your boys will thank you for nagging them about this!

  2. Vicki says:

    Oooh – love the monoprinting sample from 365 photos – might have to take that class at some point! And the buttons – well, you know how I feel about buttons!

  3. Marilyn says:

    Darling puppies! My big one likes the little bed too, not that it is as small as your dog’s. Sometimes they both lay on the smaller bed together. I caught them with the camera yesterday.

    And while I harbour doubt that any boy will thank mom later for nagging on any topic, eventually all the nagging just might bear fruit. My brother and sister both did it on purpose to annoy my mom and gross me out!

  4. Sande says:

    One of my boys used to do that unendingly – I realized eventually that he had sinus problems and couldn’t breathe and chew with his mouth closed at the same time. …but sometimes it’s just a bad habit.

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