On Saturday, since I didn’t want to turn on the quilting machine, I started digging around for something to do.  I’ve let myself get a little off track with my daily art project idea — I’ve still been doing things, but haven’t gotten away from creating something that was a completely finished project each day.  I grabbed the Winter 2006 issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors and was reminded how much I liked the tiny purse shaped books that were on the front cover.  So I made a couple.

These 3 are based on the patterns in the magazine.


The artist is Debbie Crane.  She challenged herself to make a miniature purse book every single day in 2004.

Aren’t they cute?  Hers are even cuter. 

Here’s another one based on her pattern.  I think this  is my favorite, with the pearls.  The pink is actually fabric fused to Fast-2-Fuse interfacing.

I’ve experimented a little bit, too, with some different shapes:


My paper cutting and gluing technique need some work, but I’m having fun trying out something completely different.

And they are just so dang cute, I can’t help myself!

(I’m so excited to be able to post pictures again, I couldn’t help myself with all of these! They are all clickable, so you can view them larger if you choose!)

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