Good grief

So what is that you can take to help with memory?  Ginseng?

Cause I Need some serious help.

For the THIRD time in 2 weeks, I missed an appointment.  Seriously.

Today’s was the 10:30 appointment at the chiropractor.  I had gotten a call yesterday reminding. "Yup, sure, I’ll be there."

10:45 this morning the phone rings.

I’m so grateful to live in a small town.  The chiropractor’s office is only 2 minutes away, and they were still able to fit me in.

Next month, she’s going to just wait and call me the morning of my appointment, instead of the day before.

What this points out to me is something that is both a blessing and a curse:  I tend to hyper-focus on whatever it is that I am doing at the time.  I get so involved that the rest of the world just disappears.  This is great for productivity (as long as what I’m working on is useful and not playing games on the computer…), but not so great for the state of my house, and the ability to keep appointments.

It also means that I do silly things and don’t always notice my surroundings.   For example: I decided to play with my watercolor pencils for awhile this morning.  I have a cup of water next to me, and a glass of grape juice.  I just went to take a drink of juice and discovered that one of my brushes was in the juice.  Oops.

I didn’t even really know watercolour pencils existed until recently.  I know, I’ve been living under a rock. Well, maybe not a rock.  A pile of fabric anyway.

I promise to share some pictures of something — anything — quilt related later. 

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  1. joyce says:

    At least you didn’t drink your paint water. Lol. Moral of the story I guess is ‘one thing at a time’!

  2. Tina says:

    Good morning Suzanne. If you get on the computer every morning before you start your day, you can make your computer calendar remind you of appointments. Mind you, I haven’t actually done it, but I bet it would be helpful!

    By the way, what are you going to do with 365 daily art pieces? Curious minds want to know!!

  3. donna says:

    Do that all the time.I mean the paintbrush in the teacup and drinking the paint water.Hyperfocussing is not all that bad though.It also means you can get things done quickly when you need to.Just not too many things at one time or you`ll drink purple tea as I did.

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