Forgive the typing

I just reread my previous post and was horrified to see all of the typos.  Some are due to fast fingers not being careful, but some are problems that I’m having with the keyboard on my laptop.  It does not want to pick up all of the keystrokes all of the time.  There seems to be absolutely no rhyme or reason as to what is missed.  It is very frustrating (to say the least…)

I have edited my previous post to fix the errors, and apologize in advance for any future errors you might see due to the flaky keyboard.  I try to catch them all, but as you all know, sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. 

I had numerous people read my machine quilting book last summer, looking for typos and grammatical errors.  After six months of the book being available, my brother was here and read it.  He found a new one that no one else had caught.  The nice thing about printing the books myself is that I can fix those little buggers….

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  1. joyce says:

    My son sent me a copy of a study done. It was a paragraph with every single word spelled wrong and it was totally easy to read. You hardly noticed the spelling. In this age of Instant Messaging, spelling has flown out the window. Too bad it was so important when I was in school! Lol.

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