Alphabet Round Robin Ship Day

Today is the deadline.  My Alphabet round robin book has to be in the mail today.  I have really struggled to make up my mind about what to do to get it started.  It’s now in the box and there is no turning back!

Here’s the book closed:


As I said in a previous post, the cover (front and back…) are a work in progress.  Right now it is just painted with black gesso, which is very flat.  I also managed to get some glue on the front cover.  The hardest part of this project (for me, so far…) is dealing with the paint and glue and not making a mess!

Here’s my sign in page:


Does that pinky-purple fabric look familiar?

The pink sheets that I want the artists to sign are also from yesterday’s sunpainting experiment.  I experimented with a sheet of Tyvek.  It had pennies and some salt on it.  The Tyvek doesn’t absorb the paint the way fabric does, so it didn’t sunpaint the same way, but it still had some interesting effects:


(The blue paper was colored with Tsukineko ink  — I dipped a cosmetic sponge wedge in the ink and then splotched the ink on the paper)

I was going to send it out with just the above done.  but then I had an idea.  And I put this page together:


The black and white polka dot fabric is fused to some Fast-2-fuse interfacing, which is fairly thick.  I was inspired to do the beading by Laura and her February 12×12 journal quilt.

The black scribbles on the paper around the little quiltlet are the names of objects that are red.

All of the pictures are clickable, so you can view them slightly larger if you so desire.

I was hoping to do some more sunpainting today, but the wind kicked up, so that’s not going to happen.

Better get to the post office!


  1. Debra Spincic says:

    You always look like you are having so much fun when I come over to here to see what is going on! Good for you for letting yourself experiment and see things in a new way.

  2. Dianne says:

    Your book looks great!! Loved the sun painted tyvek – never thought of doing tyvek like that – looks fantastic!! How you’ve made the sign in page is really good, like a little pad….

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