WIP Wednesday #5 (on Thursday

I completely forgot that yesterday was WIP Wednesday.  I guess I have already shown off most of what I’ve been working on over the past week — my 12x12x12, endless echoing of applique….and plenty of time at my desk working on paperwork, including work on my book.

It’s been a good week here in Iowa, even if we did get snow.  In addition to the cool opportunity I alluded to in Tuesday’s post, I got another e-mail adding to that opportunity, and today I’ve found out that one of the classes I’m teaching at Machine Quilters Exposition in April is full!

I’m trying not to let me head get too big (and I have plenty of friends who are have promised to knock me down if I get too silly about stuff…) but I am very excited and pleased with myself about everything that is going on!

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