WIP Wednesday #3


First on the docket is my Longarm Round Robin project.  This is something that is being organized over at Longarmchat.com.  We were split into groups of about 5 people, each of us are making a top.  I will be loading it up on my longarm, doing the stitch in the ditch between the rows and then sending it to the next person in my group.  She’ll quilt some of the rows, then send it on.  Eventually it’ll come back to me with quilting from each of the other 4 members of my group and I’ll finish it up.  I think that most people are actually doing medallion style quilts, but I decided to rebel and went with a row-by-row layout.  The pieced blocks are rescued from an abandoned project.  Over the last week I’ve put those together in a row, found other fabrics to use for the different rows, made the checkerboard and designed the appliqué.  The flowers and leaves are fused, and most of the machine blanket stitch still needs to be done.  I also have navy blue stars to fuse in the center of each flower, which makes them all much cuter.  And looking at the photo makes me think that the wide applique row with the vine needs some more leaves or something.  I still have some time, but don’t want to be late!

I’m debating about the layout.  I’m thinking about going asymmetrical as shown here — a wide strip of the flower print on the left and just the narrow red on the other 3 sides.

This photo is a teaser — I decided to show you a tiny bit of my Have a Heart quilt.  Figuring out how to finish it as been on my mind this week.  The quilting was actually done before Christmas, but I couched the sparkly yarn yesterday.  It still needs a sleeve, a label, and I’m not done embellishing yet.  The clock is ticking!


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