Thinking in the Shower

It seems that the shower is the place in which I do some of my best thinking.

I figured out what I’m going to to about my journal quilts for the year.  Of course, it is subject to change, but I have a plan and I am very pleased with myself!

T is for Tree
A is for Apple
L is for Leaf
B is for branch (or bark?)
W is for Winter (with snow covered branches)
N is for Nest
O is for Orchard
F is for Flower
S is for Seed
P is for Picnic (under the tree)
C is for Creatures (in or around the tree)
V is for View from the top

That’s 12, I’m still thinking to see if I can come up with any better ideas for some of the months.   I’m working on the details, but the basic plan is to continue working with the tree, but to combine the variations on a tree with my original alphabet theme.  Thanks for all of the advice and encouragement.  I’ve really appreciated all of the comments both here on my blog as well as on the main Quilt Studio blog.

Stay tuned!


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