Geeky things

At heart, I’m a geek.   If there is technology that can be applied to a problem, I’m likely to want to try it out.  (Don’t worry, I like doing things the old-fashioned handwork way, too…). 

I stumbled across some new cool software yesterday thanks to Vicki and Jeri.
It weirded me out a little the first time it happened on their sites,
but I think I like it!  It’s the software that is making those little
preview boxes pop up every time you point at an external link on my
blog.  It’s from
It turns out that Snap is also a search engine that will display
previews of the websites it finds in response to your search.  It also
has an Image search engine that seems pretty cool.  Like many others, Google
has become a verb in my vocabulary (i.e. I’ll go Google that and see if
I can find answer…) but I’m willing to give this Snap a try.  Also,
if you hate the Snap pop-ups, you can disable them on your computer.
In one of the little pop-up windows, click on OPTIONS.  From there you
can turn them off.

Another geeky thing:  I use Sitemeter
to track visitor’s to my blog.  I use the free version — I’m just
interested in seeing how many people are visiting, and where they are
coming from.  I had a great big belly laugh the other day when I
discovered that one of the visitors had found me via a keyword search
at an obscure search engine. 

It involved the words "girls"  "out" and "making."  (But not in that order…). 

I think that the article it picked up only had the word "OUT" in it, so it’s just really bizarre all the way around.


  1. Lori says:

    I love sitemeter, too. It is really interesting to see where everyone comes from. If you use Firefox, they have a number of great geeky extensions, incluing the preview and pop-up functions and add-ons that find sites or people with similar interests to yours. I am not using them because I don’t need to spend even more time on the computer, but I am a geek at heart.

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