Attachment to quilts

I was reading Jane Ann‘s blog, and her post about whether or not you love your "stuff" — and by "stuff" she meant the quilts that you make.  You should go read what she said (here).  I started to comment, and got a little long-winded. I’m still trying to figure out this blog etiquette stuff, and decided that maybe my answer would be more appropriate as a post here on my own blog.

I guess it wasn’t so much about whether you love your stuff, but whether or not you are attached to what you’ve made, and whether or not you are able to part with those creations (whether by gifting them or by selling them).

I’m somewhere in the middle, I think.  Over time, quilting has become about the process for me, but I am still invested in the product.

If something is started with the intent that it will be given away, I generally don’t have a problem doing just that. I have, on occasion, decided I like something too much to end up giving it away, so I come up with something else. 

Case in point:  my first attempt at an entry in the Have a Heart contest.  I like it so much that I can’t bear the thought of it not coming home to me after the exhibit is over (the entries will be auctioned off to benefit the American Heart Association). 

If I’m making it because it is something I want to make just for the sheer joy of making it — then yes, I would have a hard time giving it away or selling it.  I can think of several that will never leave my possession no matter how much I’m offered.

And now that I contemplate, there are some quilts in my stack that even though they don’t have a designated home (other than my own), I could give them up with little to no qualms. 

They’ve served their purpose (giving me something to do), and I probably wouldn’t miss them.  Probably.

I have been wondering about this in connection with the $100,000 quilt contest  — the first winner is going to receive her check tomorrow morning on the Today Show.  It’s a purchase award — the quilt will be auctioned off for charity.  I wonder if it was hard for her to decide to do that, or if the $$$ was enough incentive to get over any attachment she might have to the quilt.


  1. Kay says:

    I can see why you wouldn’t want to part with the heart piece–it’s great!

    I usually am perfectly happy to pass on the things I make. They don’t usually please me that much and I guess the process is more important. There are a few exceptions though. Interesting topic.

  2. Debra Spincic says:

    For $100,000, I would give them any quilt they wanted. Actually, I am thinking of entering that contest and with the quilt I have in mind, I would accept $100,000 easily.

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