Almost time to go back to reality

The boys all head back out into the real world tomorrow.  The little ones to school and the big one to work.  It’s going to be so nice and quiet here! 

I need to get back to reality, too.  I work from home, so I’m never far from the different projects that make up my work life.  I have let most of them slip back to the back burner over the last week, though, and tomorrow I’d better get back to work.

I’ve spent today working on a couple of things — mostly in the studio working on my entry for the Have a Heart contest.  It’s my second go at the project.  I decided to keep the first one.  I’m starting to get kind of attached to this one too, but I should be able to part with it without any tears.  It’s not completely done yet, and I’m still struggling with how to do part of it, so I’m not going to show it off yet.  How’s that for a tease??? It has to be in Colorado by the 15th, though, so I can’t contemplate it too much longer.

Last year I joined a Yahoo group called DailyDevotions365.  The idea was to create (or work on) a piece of art every single day (and to blog about it).  I think I did about 3 days worth.  If that.

I did actually spend more time working in a sketchbook last year, just not necessarily everyday. I’m going to try again, but I’m thinking very small this year.  Business card size, in fact.  I bought a new box of blank business cards, and for now I’m going to stick with trying to decorate one a day.  Maybe I’ll go bigger later in the year, maybe I’ll switch to fiber, who knows.  I’ve got to start somewhere, right?  I think some of what intimidated me last year was that so many of the participants seemed to have these great ideas and themes and their work was really good.   As I talked about it in a previous post, I still feel like I’m stuck in elementary school, so what I’m doing seems sort of childish to me, but I’m OK with that now.  Honestly.  I look forward to seeing what these look like as the year goes on, and what ideas they might spark for other things.  I’m not going to blog about them, I wouldn’t want to bore everybody.  Unless one of them is really cool.  I’m just going to upload them, maybe a week at a time?  Maybe daily?  They’ll be in a photo album which I’ll link to in the sidebar.

I’ve thrown a lot onto my plate for challenges and projects and things to accomplish.  Am I crazy?  Maybe. 

The other thing I did today was buy buttons.  I can’t remember now where I read the note from Natalie, maybe the QuiltArt list??  (The link is to her Etsy shop, she has a bunch of lots of fabric and other stuff, too).  She is cleaning out her studio and was listing pound bags of buttons.  I think she said she had 50 pounds to get rid of.  About 6 of those pounds will be coming to live with me.  Yes, I guess I am crazy.

No photos of quilts or projects in progress tonight.  But I hate to leave you without a picture or two — these will most likely make you laugh…

My boys all got haircuts last week, and 2 of them let me shave it to 1/8th of an inch.  My poor DH.  His hairline has been receding for awhile, so we decided to see what it looked like shaved off.  Will agreed to match his Dad.  Here they are feeling each other’s heads.


Joe wouldn’t let me do the 1/8th inch.  His is a whole 1/4 of an inch long.  And you’ll just have to take my word that these are 2 different kids and that I’m calling them by the correct name.

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