Seeing Red

I think that red is my favorite color.  I haven’t always said that — it used to be purple.  But as I think about myself and my life, I am finding that there is a whole heck of a lot more red around than there is purple….

In honor of that, I’m going to kick off some color experimentation with red.  My plan is to work my way around the color wheel, experimenting with different techniques and even crafts and starting to explore where my art and quilting is going to go in the future.

To get started, I made a visit to a craft superstore today and found red things.  Yarn, beads, buttons, ribbons, fabric, etc…everything I bought had to be red.  I did cheat a tiny bit — in addition to a red art marker, I bought a black one, but otherwise, everything was red.  I was very excited that most of the yarns I chose were on sale, and the glass beads, too!


More on red and in it’s place in my life later…..