Even though my list over there on the right says that I’m working on book number 2, I have to admit that it really ought to say "Avoiding working on book number 2."  (Book number 1 is called Meandering Magic and can be found on my website).

I’m not really sure why I’m procrastinating about it.  I pretty much know exactly what’s going to be in it.  Based on the success of the first one, I’m pretty sure this one will do well, also.  I know what I did wrong (and right) with the first one, so I have a good idea of what to do this time. 

I’ve also made promises about when it will be ready, so I can’t put it off too long, if I don’t want to break those promises.

I also know exactly how much drawing and editing I have to do get this one ready, and I suspect that that is exactly why I’m putting it off.   About 2 weeks ago I made myself work on it every day for an hour.  That lasted about 2 days.  Starting tomorrow, I think I’d better start that again, or it’ll never get done!


  1. Vicki says:

    How dare you procrastinate when there are people out here that NEED that book! How could you do that to US?

    Does guilt help as a motivator? It was worth a try!

  2. Suzanne says:

    LOL, Vicki. Part of why I even posted was the notion that if I admitted to it, and other people knew, it’d be an even better reason for me to get off my duff and stop procrastinating…..

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