Hit by a Farm

I just read a very fun and funny book.  It’s called Hit by a Farm and was written by Catherine Friend.  I just checked out her website and apparently she also has a blog that she keeps updated on a fairly regular basis that is also very funny.  http://hitbyafarm.com/farm-tales.html

It is a memoir about Friend’s experiences as she starts farming with her partner Melissa.  Friend is not the outdoors-type, but wants to help Melissa fulfill her lifelong dreams.  The book is very funny, informative, and times is also very sad, as Friend confronts the fact that much of farm life actually revolves around death.

The book was particularly funny to me as a mostly city girl who finds herself living in small-town Iowa married to a man who wants to take over his family’s farm some day. There isn’t any livestock involved in our experience, but there’s so much about farming and small town life that I didn’t even know existed.  Mark has a nearly photographic memory, and I’m sure that every time I ask him the same questions he adds another tick mark to the counter of "Stupid Questions Suzanne Asks."

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